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Privacy policy

The owner of this website is a private individual. You can reach the owner through a contact form.

Data is processed to make functionalities on this website available to you and to improve the website.

The intention is to collect no personal data at all

If you use this website:

  • Data about your preferences, usage of the website and usage of your account (if applicable) is stored.

If you use an account:

  • Do not choose a username that contains data that might reveal your identity directly (e.g. your name) or indirectly (e.g. a username you use on another website as well). You can request a change of username via the contact form.
  • Do not choose a password that you use on another website as well. A hash of your password is stored. You can change your password on this website.
  • A hash of your email address is stored. You can change your email address on this website.

If you contact the owner of this website:

  • Contact information and other data you enter is stored. You can request removal of this data via the contact form.

The intention is to share no personal data with third parties

Parties enabling hosting of this website and parties enabling you to reach this website via the internet might be storing data about you. No personal data is deliberately shared with third parties by the owner of this website.

Your privacy cannot be guaranteed

Although measures are taken to safeguard your privacy, no website is completely secure. Your personal information might be disclosed, misused or lost by accident or by the unauthorized acts of others. When using this website you are expected to accept this risk.

You can stop using this website at any time

You can delete your account (if applicable) on this website.

This privacy policy might change

This version of the privacy policy is dated 1 January 2020. It might be changed in the future. Minor changes will be published on this page. Significant changes will be published on this page, announced on the home page for a limited period and/or brought under the attention of users with an account if logged in.

Change on 1 January 2020: it is now possible to delete your account on this website.